ARAI Hiroyuki  art ctitic

Space Battleship Yamato and the Japan society in the 70s
(Uchusenkan Yamato to nanajunendai Nippon)

by ARAI Hiroyuki, in 2010

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Space Battleship Yamato is famous Japanese animation as Star Blazers on abroad. This book is the critique on the animation Yamato.

In this book I explained the process of the birth of Yamato, analyzed structure of visual sequence, and the relationship with the society in Japan 70`s (contained underground art scene).
Table of contents is as follows;

Prologue: Yamato resurrects in times of crisis
Chapter 1: The birth of Japanese subculture
Chapter 2: Who did create Yamato?
Chapter 3: We learned important things from Yamato at all.
Chapter 4: Is Yamato militarism?
Chapter 5: The Odyssey to Yesterday in 2199
Chapter 6: The choice of Kodai who go out solitude
Chapter 7: The birth of Anime business
Chapter 8: The verification of the sequel; betrayal and fidelity of Yamato spirit
Chapter 9: The story the Japanese crew could only tell