ARAI Hiroyuki

Critic of art and (sub)culture, social issue

Born in 1965.
Member of AICA (Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art) JAPAN.

Selected critique books

- Redefining Otaku culture as Subculture - Character induces Narrative (2015, Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd.)

- Critique of Art about Tenno Emperor system - Beauty of Universalism and Nature (2014, Shakai hyoronsha Co., Ltd.)

- The Door into the Unknown New England - Slow Living as Resistance in Eastern America (2013, Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd.)

- Space Battleship Yamato and the Japan society in the 70s (2010, Shakaihyoronsha)
*The animation, Space Battleship Yamato is also known as Star Blazers.

- Co-writing: Art, Censorship and Japanese Imperial System (2011, Shakai hyoronsha Co., Ltd.)

- Co-writing: Decipherment Note on the depths of Evangelion (1997, Daiwa-shobo publishing Co., Ltd.)


Selected essays

-Reviews on newspaper

- Critiques / reviews on magazine
Shukan Kinyobi (Kinyobi Co., Ltd.): Report; Severe Critique on Moe (nerd) Art,
Review; Hussein Chalayan, Barnett Newman, Albrecht Dürer, YONEDA Tomoko, FUJIMOTO Sosuke, El Anatsui, Thomas Demand, Lee Bul, William Morris etc

Aida (Aida no kai): The History of the art expressed the Japanese Imperial System (vol.168, 2009)

Monthly Shakaiminshu (Social Democratic Party): Art and Public (serial); Modernism and Feudalism in present Japan, Responsibility to war, Censorship to art, abuse of internet architecture etc

Gekkan Bijutsu (Monthly Art) (Sun Art Co., Ltd.): Serial Review; Auction in Japan, Review; Venezia Biennale 2015, Art Basel in Basel 2015, Yokohama Toriennale 2014, Art Basel Hong Kong 2013, 3.11 (East Japan Disaster) and Art etc

Music Magazine (Music Magazine Co., Ltd.): Review; Josef Koudelka, autobiography by KUBOTA Shigeko (with Nam June Paik)

Monthly Dokushojin (Dokushojin Co., Ltd.): Book review; "The world of Miquel Barcelo" (by KOBAYASHI Yasuo)

- Critiques / reviews on newspaper
Akahata (Japanese Communist Party): Review; UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi, Goya, Finnish design etc

Ryukyu Shimpo (The Ryukyu Shimpo Co., Ltd.): YAMASHIRO Chikako, TERUYA Yuken etc

Toyo Keizai Nippo (Toyo Keizai Nippo Co., Ltd.): Korean Diaspora Exhibition

- Critiques / reviews on web magazine
Alterna (Alterna Co., Ltd.): "Making as Living" (project for 3.11), Censorship for Fukushima soundscape design etc

- Critiques on catalogue
Performance Art! Exhibition (The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2000)

- Critiques on magazine (subculture)
Pop Culture Critique (Seikyusha Co., Ltd.): The balance sheet of Neon Genesis Evangelion (vol.0, 1997), The meaning of Girl Revolution of Utena (vol.2, 1998), Conversion of Kamui-den (vol.3, 1998)

Lectures: Tohoku University of Art and Design, Biggako art school, Fuchu Art Museum etc

Curation of exhibition

-Chief curator of group exhibition "Ryojinhisho - Epiphany" in Chiba and the Commissioner of regional development, Chiba West Village Project 2010

-Chief curator of group exhibition "3 artists of the contemporary" Chiba and the Commissioner of regional development, Chiba West Village Project 2009

-Sub-curator of Port Exchange Project "Pre-event of WANDARARA KEIKAKU 09" in Yokohama, 2008


Career as editor

Editor of art magazine Bien (Geijutsu-shuppansha), 2000-2007

Selected cover features: The art of South and North Korea and Korean Diaspora (vol.28, 2004), War and Art (vol.11, 2001), The Japanese artist in Global Art Scene (vol.42, 2007), Kimono, the New Mode! (vol.39, 2006), The Close Encounter between Fashion and Art (vol.6, 2000)


Activity on performance

Isegoria 2001.12.16 War and Justice #1, Isegoria 2003.3.2 Diaspora in Japan #1, Isegoria 2004.3.28 Diaspora in Japan #2, Isegoria 2005.05.15 The Skene (tabernacle) in North East Asia #1: POW in East Indonesia


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ARAI Hiroyuki  Critic of art and (sub)culture, social issue